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Gas Tanks

Southern Gas Tanks

fuel-tankOEM (original equipment manufacturer) fuel tanks are pulled from yards located in the southeastern United States. All tanks are hand picked and completetly reconditioned and refurbished including wire wheeling, an internal and external power flushing and steam cleaning to remove any previous contents. Tanks are then pressure tested to ensure they are one hundred percent leak proof, and then painted black to give a fresh new look. All southern tanks come with a three year warranty.

New Gas Tanks

Brand new aftermarket fuel tanks are made from OEM designs to ensure easy installation and meet original manufacturer’s specifications. Most tanks are complete with lock rings and gaskets. To remain competitive in a n aggressive market we offer 2 brands of new gas tanks. A higher end line supplied by Spectra Premium a well-known and respected Canadian company and a Libo brand which is a little lower end product produced by an off shore Chinese (Taiwan) company, but very competitive in their pricing. All new tanks come with a one year warranty.

Sending Units

Southern Sending Units

sending-unitsOEM sending units refurbished and reconditioned from top to bottom. All units are sandblasted with all joints being re-soldered and strengthened before installation. Gas gauges are cleaned and tested with an ohms meter for accurate true indicator reading on your gauges. They are sprayed with a self-etching primer to protect against corrosion and when finished they are painted black for a clean new look. All southern sending units have a three year warranty.

New Sending Units

Aftermarket new units designed from OEM parts. Complete with gas gauges and lock rings. Some applications are available with new fuel pumps already attached and ready to be installed immediately. New sending units come with a one year warranty.

Gas Tank Straps

Gas Tank Straps

gas-tank-strapEither brand new or southern the straps are what hold your fuel tank onto the body of your vehicle. All straps come with hardware whenever possible and carry a three year warranty.

Fuel Filler Necks

Southern Fuel Filler Necks

filler-neckOEM gas tunes that allow fuel to travel to your gas tank from the gas station pumps. Usually connected to your gas tank with a rubber fuel hose. With thousands of fuel fillers in stock we can cater to any application foreign and domestic. Usually, these parts are responsible for many check engine lights resulting in an emission code light on your dash and possibly hindering an inspection passing properly. A cheap alternative to the high priced and usually out of stock dealerships in your area. All southern fillers come with a three year warranty.

New Filler Necks

With a limited number of filler necks available to date it may be tough to find certain applications, but if produced new may be a cheap fix for gas fills only provided by the automotive dealers. New fills come with a one year warranty.

New Fuel Pumps

New Fuel Pumps

fuel-pumpsFuel pumps provide the means to supply fuel from the gas tank to the engine to be converted into movable energy. We provide a wide variety of new pumps including originals as well as aftermarket pumps and assembling with parts when applications apply. Using supplies such as Delphi and Spectra Premium we have many pumps in stock. All pumps come with a one year warranty.



  • gas-cap-accessoryHoses: Rubber fuel hose used to connect the gas filler to the gas tank or any vent setups on top of the tanks.
  • Vents and Sensors:
  • Gas Caps: Close off your fuel system when not being filled and prevents contaminants from entering your fuel tank
  • Lock Rings: Holds your fuel pump in to your gas tanks

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